Coffee Roasters

At Buna, we like to do things differently, so we partnered up with the best coffee roasteries across Europe. We like funky and surprising flavors and that is exactly why our customers keep coming back. Our baristas are well trained, so one can always have an excellent drink every time, no matter who is at the brew/espresso bar. 

While the coffee beans are harvested in Africa or South America, our roasters think outside the box, allowing us to be able to provide you with high quality and excellent coffee from a great variety of roasting processes – think about exciting flavors and roasts that tend to be lighter.  Meet Buna´s guest roasters, and be aware that we are always rotating the beans – that´s the Buna way!

Friedhats coffee
Gardelli Specialty Coffees
Manhattan Coffee Roasters
Rum Baba Coffee
Sumo Coffee Roasters