Buna Sao Bento

Where coffee & people get together

Buna means “coffee” in Amharic, the language spoken in Ethiopia. Launched in 2020, Buna became in Lisbon, Portugal, synonymous of great coffee and a cozy place where people from all over the world connect with each other.

Buna Specialty Coffee Shop has the mission to serve the best coffee based drinks in the Portuguese capital and we try to raise the bar every time a customer enter our doors. We also love to surprise people, so we work with high level coffee beans cultivated mostly in Africa and The Americas, but roasted by the best roasteries in Europe, including Manhattan Coffee RoastersGardelli Specialty Coffees and Sumo Coffee Roasters

Our motto is  “Coffee and People” because it’s in our DNA to create connections and to embrace the amazing community of expats and locals living and visiting Lisbon. Our team is also made by people from all over the world, contributing to a daily multicultural and diverse environment. 

Both Buna locations offer more than specialty coffee: you can get the perfect matcha drink made with Matcha & Co and if regular milk is not your thing, you can have your beverage made with Oatly. Here, you can also have great food, exclusive Italian-style sandwiches, craft beers, Fritz KolaWhy Not Soda, cool merchandise, and a bonus: we are pet-friendly!